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We are Singapore Premier Live Streaming Webcasting Company proudly serving and full filling all your live stream webcasting needs. We provide multi-camera live streaming production services & consulting for virtually any type of event. We offer one-stop solution for the entire webcasting process: pre-production, broadcast identity design, live encoding, and post-production.

Whether you need to webcast a corporate town hall, training session, company meeting, product launch, live performance, fashion show, or other live event, we have you covered and are available 24/7.

We’ve provided professional live streaming assistance for various MNC and SME corporate companies in Singapore.

Latest Live Streaming Technology

No matter what size of your event, we’ve got the equipment your webcast or live stream project needs. Should you need to live switch, stream, or record, we can provide a live production switcher. We will also assist with 4k resolution support, multiple HDMI, and SDI switchable inputs.

We can broadcast your live stream on many RTMP compatible services, including YouTube Live, Facebook or Private page. We can provide bonded streaming, as well as utilize Ethernet, wifi, cellular 4G, and USB modem, making sure your content is properly distributed.


Bonded 4G Solution

Our 4G bonding solution technology makes this possible by bonding the bandwidth of multiple cellular services. Since the video is streamed over the bonded 3G / 4G / LTE cards, video stream can support higher quality, higher resolution, higher bit-rate video settings and will have unmatched professional level reliability.

Full NDI Camera

Designed for serious production the image quality of is best in class. By teaming up BirdDog’s custom NDI® silicon chip, a Sony CMOS Backlit Sensor, and a true Sony Image Module, has lightening auto focus, incredibly sharp images, and insanely fast zoom. It has frame rates up to 1080p60, 30x optical zoom, and features independent, live triple outputs in SDI, HDMI and Full NDI®.


Network Device Interface

Groundbreaking NDI technology is the foundation of our Advanced IP Workflow. Anyone can implement NDI to enable systems and devices to connect and communicate over IP networks, creating an IP-based production environment with shared access to video and audio. High-quality, low latency video and audio signal, integrating cameras and display outputs that can scale seamlessly

What We Provide

Variety of Camera

We'll bring multiple cameras and shoot your event from multiple angles for an immersive experience for your viewers.

High Definition Video

We'll deliver a stable stream in 720 and 1080p to your audience complete with titles and motion graphics.

On Location

We will travel to the location of your event you need live streamed. We come to you!

Easy Setup

Our production team can be live in 1-2 hours. After the event, tear down is equally fast.

Professional Lighting

We'll provide latest LED profile or fresnel face light to enhance video clarity.

High Quality Audio

We'll deliver crystal clear audio that can be uploaded to a podcast or archived digitally

Live Streaming The Simple Way

We know that live streaming is intimidating to some, possibly even downright scary. Our team will work with you to calm your fears and worries, providing the support your project deserves.

We will eliminate the guess work and streamline the entire process for you. Whether you are putting on a live town hall or patching in a presenter from multiple locations, trust our team of professionals to help you achieve your goals. For conference, fashion show, or a keynote address, we will broadcast your event live to audiences across the world or in the next room.


Live Stream


Live Stream


Live Stream

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