Unique, Dynamic events all have one thing in common: They begin with a great vision.  We are ready to take your live event production to the next level with LED wall display technology. Adding personality and dimension to your event has never been easier. LED displays are adaptable by nature and can be configured to serve a number of different functions in small, medium and large setups. 

LED Wall


We work with you to make sure everything on your display wall looks sharp and Professional at your event. Based on your content, we will recommend the best pixel resolution to use in Indoor or Outdoor :

LED Wall P2.9mm
Outdoor LED Wall P3.9mm



We provide endless solutions for all of your creative needs, with curvable screens, creative configurations and displays that can be designed to almost any imaginable size. While many people consider video wall rentals to be useful in concert and musical event settings, the truth is that LED displays can be used in a wide variety of live event scenarios.  In fact, many companies are turning to rental screens for exhibition booths and corporate events. With LED displays, you have more design options. There are no barriers to what you can do with your digital canvas.

Immersive Display

LED Globe

LED with Wings

Curve Wall

4 by 4 Wall

16 by 9 Wall

LED Wall


Every display requires a very reliable hardware to display the contents clearly and without any glitches during an event. We provide high end equipment's from Media Servers to Playback Control Solution to drive your content to any display sizes for up to 8K Display :

Analogway Ascender 48

The groundbreaking flagship processors for professional video switching on the largest pixel canvases. 

  • 16x 4K input and 8x output supported
  • Easy show setup and reliable show production 
  • Flexible layer management 


Event Master E2 / S3 and EX have standard, finished and stocked configurations. But as it’s a scalable and modular system, it’s also available as BTO “Build To Order” systems. From a single chassis with as few as two cards, or up to eight chassis with every card included, the Event Master is the most scalable and I/O dense screen management system in the world. Whether you need several single units with a special I/O configuration or a system with massive routing and scaling capacity, you can use the Build To Order process to get what you prefer. Build a unique system with growing capabilities that does not require complete re-installations or even re-programming.

Analog Way’s high-performance video processors and media servers provide advanced processing technologies which accommodate a large range of video applications, from permanent walls in stadiums to large-scale display installations in corporate lobbies and experience centers.


Analog Way’s processors are engineered to be ready for any display applications where mission-critical reliability and optimized uptime are decisive. They can control multiple videowalls simultaneously and support custom output resolutions, varied screens orientations, bezels compensation as well as unrestricted Picture-in-Picture (PIP) placement and size.

Intuitive user interfaces ensure unparalleled ease of set-up and window presets configuration.


Analog Way also provides system integrators with a complete range of remote control solutions and ready-to-use automation drivers to seamlessly integrate its videowall processors and media servers into any customer’s environment.

WATCHOUT multi-display software is your fast track to creating spectacular shows. Use WATCHOUT to compose and manage all the different media elements in your show – video, still images, animations, graphics, live feeds, sound – and then play it back on multiple displays. Perfectly synchronized, high resolution and right-on-cue.

WATCHOUT is easily integrated and controls external units or devices. It has no limitations on displays, channels or resolutions. With over 15 years of unrivalled performance and reliability, WATCHOUT is the choice of professional show creators worldwide.

WATCHOUT is used in live events, 3D mapping, broadcast, digital signage, museums, planetariums, show rooms, visitor attractions and experience centers. In other words – virtually any market or application where you want multiple display devices and maximum impact.

Barco E2 Event Master

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