We believe that an Event is not complete without Special Effects. It is an essential part of the show.
That one mind blowing moment when everything comes together.
A sky full of confetti, the heat of the flames, a powerful blast of CO2 Smokes or Bubbles floating through the air.
We create a magical moment!

Confetti Canon

This unit is a single-shot electric confetti or streamers cannon powered by pressurized CO2 gas.   Shoots confetti up to 6 meters and streamers up to  8 meters. Daisy chain multiple units together for an unbeatable effect.  Also available Confetti Blowers.

Smoke Machine

We have Smoke Machine of various sizes for  any scale of event or experimental testing. Our machines a made for high-performance output.  The heater element is like a jet air stream that can deliver a powerful Smoke in order to create the best atmospheric effect. 

Foam Party Machine

This Foam Machine has a high output of 80 m3/minute for a perfect Foam Party. Premium quality Foam Liquids are imported from Europe. Reliable and efficient machine, it will produce a rich lather of foam providing more fun for your guests. 

Fire Flame Machine

Professional and safe fire & flame system. Achieve stunning visual effects with a variety  of fire products for your event to make it as spectacular as you would expect it to be. Safety is our priority, we only use LPG gas for this fire flame effect. 

Smoke Bubble Blaster

Big ass bubble machine, the biggest in the world. This machine is designed for big stages and event halls. Big output and creates a whole new special effect with smoke filled bubbles!

Low Fog Machine

Produce beautiful floor-hugging low fog effect by simply adding regular ice cubes. It is very easy, safe to operate and it is the most convenient way to create ankle-deep fog for many applications. Also available bigger low fog machine for bigger venues & events.

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